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Entrepreneurs, especially effective ones, possess a very specific type of mindset, attitudes and character traits. Now, aspiring entrepreneurs, especially those who do not possess the personality type most ideal to entrepreneurial pursuits, are the ones most eager to spend time and money learning all they could about entrepreneurship --- only to amass a lot of entrepreneurial knowledge that would be useless to them. Why? Because they would be hugely distracted in a carnival of interesting but irrelevant information and misplaced enthusiasm that they would very likely neglect the one thing they should be focusing on in the first place --- developing an entrepreneurial personality.



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When you have successfully "killed" FEAR, it now becomes ultra possible to learn how to make friends with this bully called "failure", and recruit him into your team.

If you must ask "why", here's why you should be best friends forever with "failure":

"Failure" is the neighborhood toughie, better if he's on your side. Like a shadow, it shall always be close by whether you fear it or not. Unlike fear itself, this monster doesn't exactly feed on your fear, although your fear of it does give it super villain powers. Like the law of gravity, expect failure to come knocking on your door EACH time you fall, any time of day or night. If you're lucky like me, you get several visitations for every fall...



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The fear of failure is probably the biggest psychological barrier ever known to personal growth. But know what? Just remove the “fear” part and what you have left is a most volatile fuel to fire up your personal revolution!

Curiously, failure is somewhat translated in the brain as a kind of “death experience”--- something to dread about...



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Would you rather cling to the promise of success or crave the assurance of security?

On the surface, the question is one of personal preference but upon closer scrutiny, the issue is a bit heavier, so allow me to delay the kill.

Choose your pick right now, nobody needs to know your answer anyway (but feel free to debate with me, if you wish).

Knowing what you want is a primary qualification for maximizing your human potential, so do not muddle your answer by saying you prefer a “mixture of both”. Just relax and let feelings be your guide.

Would you rather feel successful or secured?

Neither preference is ethically higher than the other, (although, as you may have guessed, habitual winners usually prefer one over the other.)

Okay, here’s the deal...


My Days of Thunder, November 2013

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Following a constellation of bad circumstances and the compounding liabilities from bad decisions made, I am now once again in what I call "Days of Thunder" (DoT). Really, it's just my fancy way of telling myself I am in really deep shit, and therefore I need to do things extremely differently to extricate my limbs ASAP. Plus, of course, I get to fancy re-imagining myself in the image of the character Tom Cruise played in the movie of the same title. Who says personal development need be uber boring?  

The theory behind my DoT is Einsteins opt quoted observation which says "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different result". To escape from insanity, simply force yourself to do old things differently, and try as many new and different things and approaches as you can.



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THINKING is a physically painful, energy depleting, calorie-demanding pursuit.

I don't mean the muscle-wrenching kind of pain but the very vaguely felt kind of pained drain when micro "blood" droplets drip out of the brain (as the synapses break down old connections and forcibly create new ones). Its an almost violent task that literally involves physical workout inside the brain, straining the cells, as you would strain your muscles in a physical workout.         

Beyond just physically taxing, however, thinking is actually a morally demanding occupation requiring true courage. 

I'm talking about independently thinking for yourself ---- understanding for yourself the facts, formulating your own opinions, and standing your ground amid a legion of loud mouthed fools who feel compelled that you should benefit from their "enlightened" opinion...